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Coming September 2024
5:00 – 8:00 pm
Mission Valley ROP
5019 Stevenson Blvd,
Fremont, CA, 94538

Cost: TBD
*Fees due prior to class. No refunds after the first class.

Students must have their own welding helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots (not included in the tuition)

Registration coming this summer

Beginning Welding
This course prepares students in core skills needed for the welding and metal joining industry. This course is an introduction to welding and an exposure to metalworking basics. Students will learn proper safety practices associated with welding, perform basic welds using different types of welding equipment, and identify ferrous and nonferrous metals. Students will learn the use of hand tools and cutting & preparation techniques as they relate to welding and fabrication.

Advanced Welding
This course continues training in arc and gas welding in various positions; introduces MIG welding, TIG welding, flux cored arc welding and flame cutting. An advanced course designed to prepare students to pass structural steel certification in vertical and overhead positions. The SMAW (stick) process will be used. The goal of this class is to pass the American Welding Society (AWS) D1 .1 Welding Certificate Test. Strict adherence to the testing procedures will be followed. Completion of the class does not guarantee AWS certification unless welding procedure qualification tests are passed.
*Students wanting to skip Basic Welding to enroll in Advanced Welding need to contact the instructor to set up a screening appointment.*


  • Basic Welding: 18 years or older, basic math skills, and ability to read a tape measure.
  • Advanced Welding: 18 years or older, successful completion of Basic Welding course completion or prior experience certified by the instructor. Fillet Welding: Welding in two positions with two electrodes. Welding two plates together in some corner geometry.